Her life lost among the pillars

by Lonsai Maïkov



Her life lost among the pillars (Anna Vera) is the main soundscape composed by Thierry Jolif (Lonsai Maïkov) for the exhibition EN[SYN]AESTHESIS / ANNA VERA by Greek writter and photograph Christos Chrissopoulos. Interlacing elements of his own personal memory with the story of an old woman he met on a trip, Chrissopoulos investigates the process of empathy: how we build our true self by constantly simulating the other. He returns us to the realization of the foundations of human collectivity: memory, loss, forgetfulness and the recognition of the need to connect with each other. "A few years ago I lived for a short while in a strange dark house in Hungary. Visiting the same place in which a past life had been spent. Her name was Anna Vera. I found some photographs of her’s kept in a drawer. Without knowing, after her death, she had offered me the hospitality that only absentees can offer. Returning from there, I brought with me some pictures and the sounds of some unknown words. A kind souvenir. Like the name Anna Vera, which is at the same time known and unknown to me. Time to reciprocate the hospitality Anna Vera offered me. It is now my turn. Inventing another life for her".


released January 29, 2016

Cover photo by C. Chrissopoulos
All music and instruments by T. Jolif



all rights reserved


Lonsai Maïkov France

Revelation (apopcalypse) began in 1988.
The name and the sign revealed themselves in the fog of dreams and noises (at the time Thierry Jolif-Maïkov was bass player and composer in a local noise-cold-wvae band Mortus Delirium), a certain obsession with extremes, Russia and the European mythologies as well as artistic avant-gardes... ... more

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